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Dear Alf 77 - Ed, Abe and Stranger!

Everyone's favorite Mudokon (right?) returns with a heavy mailbag.

Listen up, pals. I’m back. I know you missed me (who wouldn’t?) It feels good to be back, but things haven’t been going so swell around here lately.

You might have heard the rumors flying around about what’s happening to our brothers – the time’s come for us to stand up and speak out, so here I am, ready to answer your burning questions over a hot cup of delicious tea – just to take the edge off.

Will you return in Oddworld: Soulstorm? (Asked by: James, on Twitter)

You don’t know the things that are going on around here! I wish Abe would leave me outta it and let me run Alf’s Rehab and Tea in peace. I can’t read the future though – it’s not like I have the time to sit around reading tea leaves!

How have you been? Also how come Ed can hear you? He doesn’t seem to hear anyone else. (Asked by: Xavier, on Twitter)

I’ve been busy! Ed? Ed’s scared and I can understand that. Sometimes people can be talkin’ all around you but you can’t hear ‘em. Poor Ed’s confused and afraid. I’m a familiar face – and have you ever seen a mug as trustworthy as mine?

Would Abe and Stranger be pals? (Asked by: Evan, on Twitter)

They’re very different, but they’re both heroes right? They’re both nice guys, too. Though Abe might drive Stranger insane with his constant yappin’. Stranger never was one for small talk.

Was there ever a time when Glukkons and Mudokons had a truce or a working relationship? Maybe before the introduction of currency and business? (Asked by: Lee, on Facebook)

Sure there was, though it was so long ago I wasn’t around to see it. We lived together as pals until the Mudokon moon first appeared. Then the Glukkons started dabbling in the kinda magic no-one has any business playing around with. Maybe they were jealous. As ya might expect things went wrong, and eventually the Glukkons turned their backs on their old ways and started turning to money and industrialisation… and we all know how that turned out.

How do you know Ed? Did Ed work with you? (Asked by: Connell, on Twitter)

I know everyone – Abe thinks he has it tough? It’s not easy being such a celebrity. Everyone comes to me with their problems, and Ed has a lotta problems.

How’s Ed? (Asked by: Koustoulidis, on Facebook)

Ed’s in danger and he knows it – Ed’s one brave Mudokon, even though it might not look like it right now. Ed’s got an important job ta do and just needs a bit of help to get it done.

How close is the storm? May we please have a glimpse? (Asked by: Paradox, on Twitter)

I’m back, aren’t I? You think I’d take the time out from restocking the store rooms if it wasn’t important? I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t missed this though – it feels good to be back. You want a look? So do I. I want to know just what’s going on over there. That’s where Ed comes in. Stick around, pal – big things are happening.

Do you know where Ed might be, Alf? (Asked by: Gunnrisfunnr, on Twitter.)

I’m not sure but I’d love to find out! It sounds like Ed needs some help and I think I know just the guy…

That’s it for this week, pals – there’re a lot of things I need to catch up on around here, but I’ll be back next week answering more of your burning questions. Send them to me over at:

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Everyone's favorite Mudokon (right?) returns with a heavy mailbag....
timeJan 11th, 2017

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