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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the latest version of the game?

As of December 16th, 2021, the latest version of the game is v1.19 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Epic Game Store. Version 1.0.4 is the latest for Xbox family consoles.

You can check which version your game is on PlayStation 5 by hitting the options button on the game in the console home screen, select “Information” and look at the “Version”. On PS4, it’s very similar – highlight the game, press the Options button and view “Update History”. To check the version in the Epic Games Launcher, click on the three dots after the game title in your library and see the version number at the bottom of that pop-up.

How do I update the game to the latest version?

The game should automatically grab the latest patches upon launching. Please accept any request to update the game as the latest version will always contain bug fixes and improvements.

What was fixed or changed in the various updates?

You can find the full patch notes for the updates on here for version 1.05, here for version 1.06, here for version 1.07 and here for version 1.08. Patch 1.09x contained a couple of minor fixes. We skipped Patch 1.10 because of some internal admin and here are the changes for Patch 1.11 (1.10001 on PC). Patch 1.12 was skipped and Patch 1.13 made some improvements to sick Mudokons, talkative ex-Mudokons and some tweaking to balance.

Our biggest update was 1.17, alongside our Xbox launch. This updated to Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition and brought hundreds of improvements alongside brand new game modes for each platform. Xbox got Vykkers Labs and PlayStation and Epic Games Store got Toby’s Escape.

When can I expect further updates?

We will continue to address your feedback and remain dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our players. Stay tuned to our social channels and Discord for more information.


What’s the difference between Continue Game and Level Select?

Continue Game, available after New Game has been selected, allows the player to embark on a story-driven adventure led by plot development and a smooth difficulty curve. Level Select allows the player to dip in and out of individual levels to improve their time, Quarma and Badges, but does not save checkpoint and level location after exiting the mode.

Player progress in terms of which levels are available is only saved in Continue Game. 

Continue Game seems to return me to a different level than the one I was just in, why?

This is likely due to the player continuing through levels in Level Select mode, which does not save checkpoint and level locations.

As of patch 1.07, we have removed the option on the Summary Screen in Level Select mode to move to the next level to further distinguish the two modes and to make it clearer to the player. Continue Game will always return the player to the last checkpoint saved in Continue Game mode.

Progress in The Sanctum doesn’t save in rare circumstances.

This was a bug reported by a small number of users that was related to any level where there was a lot of use of flares. As of patch 1.07, this is now fixed.

When I reload into The Sanctum, Abe is frozen in place. Restarting checkpoint does not clear the bug and restarting the level doesn’t load.

This was related to the above, and has also been resolved with patch 1.07.

How do I get the best ending?

Players need to rescue at least 80% of Mudokons in a level to mark that level as ‘good’. The ending players get, and the levels available to play, are based on the number of levels marked ‘good’. 

For the worst ending, players need to save 80% of the Mudokons in 6 or fewer levels. To see the bad ending, they need to rescue 80% of the Mudokons in between 7 and 11 levels. For the good ending, players will need 80% saved in 12 or more levels, which also opens up the two finale levels. Finally, for the very best ending, players need to save 80% or more of the Mudokons in all 17 levels.

Can you get the bad ending after beating the game without deleting all your Level Select Progress?

Not currently. The better endings are supposed to supercede the bad ending. We are planning to add a video player in the future that will allow endings to be viewed.


All the leaderboard positions read zero, why is this?

This was an unfortunate launch bug on PS5, but was resolved in version 1.05. Please update your game accordingly and this should be fixed. Your position on the leaderboards is not affected.


I’m finding The Blimp incredibly difficult due to the shelling and mortars. Is there a solution?

We’ve fixed up some areas of missing mortar cover in this level and The Blimp should be considerably more enjoyable in version 1.07.

I’ve gotten stuck in one area in Phat Station and there doesn’t seem to be a way out.

We fixed an issue with a door not closing properly in this level in version 1.06 and the player should no longer be able to get stuck in a loop. Please update your game to the latest patch.

There’s a rocksaw blocking the path in Necrum after rescuing some Mudokons.

This seemed to happen in rare circumstances but was resolved with version 1.07.

An immediate exit then Continue Game in Sorrow Valley causes Abe to be floating at the very start of the level.

This was caused by an invisible minecart, and is fixed for version 1.07.

Some of the rockets fired by Slig Mama don’t explode on the Train level.

This has been fixed in version 1.07, along with a general rebalancing of the encounter with Slig Mama.

I can’t get past an electric gate towards the end of Sorrow Valley, it doesn’t ever seem to switch off.

That gate is supposed to switch off when all of the Sligs in that area have been killed, including the ones in the guardhouses. In addition, since 1.08, we have made sure the electric gate now also opens when you pull the last lever in this area.


The monkeybars are problematic and I can’t seem to grab them reliably – am I doing something wrong?

Sadly an unexpected bug sneaked into the code regarding monkeybars just before launch. We’ve fixed this in version 1.06 so Abe should be able to grab them but more reliably, which should make some areas of the game far less frustrating. Please accept our apologies for this, but hopefully the update helps.

We have made substantial improvements to monkeybars in version 1.08.

I’m not able to reliably toggle on and off the mines in some of the game’s levels.

This should be fixed in version 1.06. Please update your game accordingly.

I’m clicking in my Right Stick (R3 button) but my items are not switching.

Once you have more than one item, you need to hold Triangle (on PlayStation) to open the item inventory and select the other item. When you have done this, item switching should work as expected on the R3 button. Basically, you can’t switch between items before you’ve told the inventory which two items you want to switch between.

I’ve seen other players slap Sligs while playing. Why can’t I slap?

Slap is only available on the Easy difficulty level. If you’re playing on Easy, you can slap a Slig and knock him out by sneaking up behind him and using the Interact button (Square on PlayStation).


How has the enemy AI been improved since launch?

Sligs are now smarter and will head towards the source of a disturbance much more reliably. They will behave much more predictably in an encounter and are more likely to only shoot when they have a solid target to aim for. Response times have been improved and Sligs in the background of 2.9D sections will now lose sight of the foreground action far less often.

Sometimes Sligs remain idle and unresponsive after being on high alert.

This was caused by a 2% chance of an idle state being triggered which caused the Sligs to appear frozen. This was rectified in version 1.06 and no longer happens. 

Sometimes Mudokons don’t enter lockers as they should, even if one is available.

This was fixed in version 1.06 and now all Mudokons will enter a locker if there’s one nearby.

Mudokons in The Old Trellis don’t automatically target Sligs when in Aggro mode.

Those pesky Sligs will rue the day version 1.07 was release, because this is now fixed.

You can possess a Slig in The Blimp and walk across thin air.

This was due to gravity not being set on Sligs after being hit by a mortar. This is now fixed in version 1.07.


I’ve installed a mod on the PC version and now things don’t work as expected.

Mods are used at the player’s own risk. We cannot offer support for any bugs caused by their use.

On PC, playing with a wired Xbox controller, the game pauses unexpectedly.

We are aware of an issue where moving the wire around in the controller can cause connection issues and pause the game. We are investigating a possible solution.

On PlayStation 4 I just get a blank screen if the system language is set to Arabic.

This is fixed in version 1.07 and no longer requires a workaround.

What resolution does the game run at?

On PlayStation 5, the resolution is 1440p. On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro, the resolution is 1080p. The game will play at resolutions up to 4K (set by the player) on PC.

I’m on PC and the cinematic cutscene videos don’t seem to be playing.

We’ve seen a couple of reports of this from users running Windows 10 N without the most recent Media Features Pack. If this sounds like you, that Media Features Pack is available to download through this link. We recommend playing with a fully up to date Operating System.

What framerate does the game run at?

On PlayStation 5 the game targets 60 frames per second. On PlayStation 4 the game targets 30 frames per second. 

Does the game support ultra-wide resolutions?

At the moment, the game only supports 16:9 resolutions.

On the Epic Game Store version, why does the game show a controller icon and prompts when I’m playing with mouse and keyboard?

For launch we suggest players on PC play with a controller. We do support mouse and keyboard for gameplay but the UI is currently entirely based on a controller. We are looking to resolve this as soon as possible with full support for KB/M in the UI, and thank you for your patience.

Some Trophies don’t appear to pop on PlayStation.

To unlock the “Whose Side Are You On?” Trophy, kill 1000 Mudokons and achieve bad Quarma Ending.

To unlock the “As It Was Foretold” Trophy save 1000 Mudokons and achieve the good Quarma Ending.

Version 1.08 contains further fixes for trophy detection.


It’s too easy to accidentally click Restart Level on the pause menu.

We fixed this UI issue for version 1.07 and there is now a confirmation step before the level is restarted.

The Quarma display is inconsistent when at 80%.

We fixed part of this (on the Level Select screen) in version 1.06 and have also added fixes for the Pause and Summary screens in version 1.07.

The UI shows there are 202 Mudokons in The Ruins but I can only rescue 200.

This was an unfortunate bug caused by two cutscene Mudokons counting towards the total. A fix for this appears in version 1.07. The actual total number of Mudokons the player can rescue in The Ruins is 200.

The Saving Checkpoint notification is shown throughout some cinematics

This is fixed in version 1.07, the notification will now fade away as designed.

There’s a missing cinematic not shown in the Good Ending.

This is fixed in version 1.07. The video will now play at the start of the last level in the game, if you qualify for it.

How do I remove the HUD and other UI elements?

We know some players prefer a less intrusive user interface, and so we have added two additional toggle options for the remaining UI – Badges, HUD and Alert State UI in version 1.08.

Why can’t I change the subtitle language in-game?

We’re looking into this and hope to have an update soon.


I can hear Mudokon followers throughout the whole of The Raid on Monsaic.

We are aware of this issue and already working on the resolution.

Why can’t I improve my Badge for Spender?

This was a bug that is now fixed in 1.07. You can now continue to improve on this Badge via Level Select mode.

How do I report a bug not seen here?

If you feel you’ve come across something not listed above, please fill out the form linked below.

By submitting a bug this way we can log it, keep a track of it and feed the relevant information to our development team. Thank you!

If you have any other issues that you don’t believe can be helped via the channels listed above, you can email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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