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Stranger's Wrath

  • Enhanced visuals and cut-scenes
  • Characters remodeled and retextured
  • Music, voice and SFX upgraded
  • Hidden easter eggs and unlockable extras

Tall, dark, and passive-aggressive, a Stranger is lured out of routine bounty hunting by the prospect of a one time, bounty-to-end-all bounties moolah maker. He’s got a short but pricey personal shopping list and he’s finally found a way to check it off.

With his moolah on his mind, our Stranger travels from town to town facing off with mentally challenged Outlaws, violently ignorant Clakkerz, and paranoid, relic-hiding native Grubbs. Welcome to the Mongo River Valley, the irony mining capital of the continent.

Upstream is Sekto Springs, the bottled water company suckling the life out of the valley. Mr. Sekto has damned the river and the habitat it sustains. A collector of rare Steef heads, Sekto has put word out that he’s in the market for Steef. These majestic beasts once roamed the Mongo River Valley in great herds, but now their scarcity makes each one an extravagant prize. High atop the springs at Sekto Springs Dam, the slimy prima donna waits impatiently for the Steef bounty to be delivered.

Armed with his trusty double-barrel crossbow and a pack full of Live Ammo, Stranger is ready to deliver said bounty when a humbling incident with the local outlaws serves as a severe reminder of what it means not only to hunt, but also to be hunted. The prospect of being filleted brings many changes to an inhabitant.

Changes that even modern Vykker science cannot duplicate! Not one to pose as garnish, he makes it up to Sekto Springs all right, but Sekto and his Wolvarks get their Steef served up with a frothy can of whoop arse, prepared by our beloved hombre-sin-nombre. Yes folks, Oddworld just got Stranger.


  • Best of the Best Award – “Coups de coeur” Xbox Mag France, 2006
  • Xbox – Most Innovative Design – Runner-up Best of IGN, 2006
  • Best Graphics, Artistic – Finalist Gamespot, 2006
  • Best Cinematics and “Best Character”(Stranger) – Nominations G4Phoria Awards, 2005
  • Best 50 Games Ever – smh.com.au, 2006
  • Must buy for Xmas list – jeuxvideo, 2005


  • 2005
  • 1
  • ESRB: T; PEGI: 12
  • Oddworld Inhabitants
screenshot of strangers wrath
Stranger walks into the game's first town, and makes quite an impression.



  • strangers wrath screenshot
  • strangers wrath screenshot
  • strangers wrath screenshot
  • strangers wrath screenshot

Choose your weapon

stranger's crossbow

Stranger's crossbow, available from the beginning of the game, offers up a multitude of Live Ammo types.

Each offers different combat possiblities, and Stranger can arm any two at once.


Chippunks issue taunts to Stanger's opponents, and are used to get an enemy's attention and lead them to a spot designated by the player. Can be used to bait bad guys away whilst hiding, or to split up a large group.


These spider-like creatures can stop an enemy temporarily, wrapping them in webbing and keeping them quiet until the effect wears off. Great for stealthy play, and useful for bounty hunters like Stranger.

Can be upgraded for greater power, which drains energy from the bad guys.


Fuzzles work like mines, waiting for enemies to pass at which point they pounce and begin attacking, knawing at your prey.

Fuzzles can be upgraded, at which point they'll attack even harder - a very useful weapon to keep around.


These knock-out creatures do exactly that, dealing a huge amount of damage to anything in their paths, and that includes the environment as well as enemies - there are few creatures that can stand up to a flying thudslug.

Upgraded, they become Riotslugs, deadly at close range.


These offer up a decent rate of fire over an average range, capable of knocking enemies out without too much fuss. However, when charged up they can be used to activate machinery across the world.


These wasp-like critters are great for long range (they come with a sniper mode) and offer a stealthy (read: silent) way to deal damage to foes who aren't up close and personal.

When upgraded they become Stingbee Blasts, which offer a rapid-fire alternative.


These might look like skunks, but they're super effective, rendering enemies (and otherwise) helpless should they stray too close - then it's up to you to either take them dead or alive.

Powered up they're even more offensive, pulling in nearby foes in their Implosion Stunkz mode.


Once fired, a Boombat starts counting down to an explosion sure to take out anything and anyone nearby. And better than a portable, living bomb? They're sticky, so if you get one on an enemy it's not coming off!

And for even greater destruction, they can be upgraded to Bada Booms, which countdown quicker and feature five little internal critters that'll escape and cause even more damage at the moment of impact.

screenshot of strangers wrath
Part third person adventure, part first person shooter, part puzzler.


One of the most original games in recent memory, and among the best Xbox games of this generation.
Daily Game
Oddworld breaks rank from its past to give gamers a wild, beautiful and exceptional action experience.
Stranger's Wrath is a great game that brings together a few styles of gameplay startlingly well.



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