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Image Leaks Show A New Threat To Mudokons!

First Oddworld: Soulstorm image shows that something dark and troubling is happening.

Oddworld: Soulstorm / 001

A little while ago, we became aware of a clandestine Organization calling themselves ‘Spirit of 1029.’ The group claims to work on behalf of the Mudokons, and recently there have been some disturbing developments.

We received some mysterious tweets from Ed, a Mudokon who seemed to be trapped somewhere, alone and afraid. He began sending us a series of garbled, panicked messages that became increasingly harder to read as the line of communication became fuzzy and distorted.

Soon after, we were contacted by “Spirit of 1029.”

They claimed that the Mudokon species were under a new threat, and that they needed our help. They sent us two files. The first, a distorted image of what appeared to be a heavily redacted official document, holding fragments of coded messages and several clues.

The second was a harrowing audio clip that contained hidden messages and what sounded like desperate screams for help.

After an extensive effort by the Oddworld community, most of those messages were deciphered and we were led to a web page that contained eight torn up and burned fragments of a photograph that appeared to depict something as terrible and terrifying as the audio clip suggested.

After a few days of tireless work from our community and our team at Oddworld Inhabitants, we managed to get a clean version of this image. The clearer the image became, the harder it became to look at until we were eventually left with the image above.

Whatever might be happening to the Mudokons, a few things are clear. They are not happy. They are not safe. They are oppressed. Now, Spirit of 1029 has made contact again and they’re saying that there’s more evidence of these atrocities yet to see. We need your help to find the truth.

We can’t do it alone.

We will encourage people to take a stand, we will spread the message and refuse to sit in silence. We will save the Mudokons.

Join us in our efforts to uncover these mysteries and keep up to date with all of the developments as they happen by following us on Twitter and Instagram, and liking our Facebook page. Current development on the puzzles, along with everything already announced on Oddworld: Soulstorm, can be found here.

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