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Oddworld: Soulstorm Patch 1.19 Now Available

Enhanced Edition, further enhanced!

As we release this latest update, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all. Soulstorm has grown with your feedback and input and we truly appreciate the time you’ve all taken to play our game.

A little over two weeks ago, we launched onto a new platform – the Xbox family of consoles. We have been so excited to see a whole new audience pick up Soulstorm and jump in to Abe’s latest explosive adventure. It’s been especially fun to watch players – old and new – enjoy the brand new content that we added with Toby’s Escape and Vykkers Labs.

So, thank you. We hope these updates continue to improve your experience with the game.

Patch 1.19 (1.0.4 on Xbox)

Toby’s Escape

Voice Over on Summary Screens in Toby’s Escape now works as expected
Improved timing of intro dialogue in Toby’s Escape
Added occasional lines of dialogue to death/respawn events in Toby’s Escape
Fixed Toby’s scream as he fell to his death in one level

Vykkers Labs

Fixes for Test Subjects in Vykkers Labs that sounded too like Abe at times
Fixed an issue where Test Subjects in Vykkers Labs could disappear, rather than being electrocuted properly, like Mudokons should be


Fixed a crash bug some Xbox users saw before Phat Station (in previous hotfix on that platform)
Fixes for two achievements that didn’t unlock on Xbox consoles (“Whose side are you on?” and “As it was foretold”)
Fixed an issue where chanting could turn on additional post processing in certain situations
Removed some totally unnecessary commands that some Sligs were giving
Fixed an issue that wasn’t counting fall deaths in the Streamer Mode overlay
Fixed an issue in one location where Mudokons could teleport directly to Abe if called
Fixed an issue where Abe would scream indefinitely after a small fall, even though we liked it
Updates to localizations in Czech, Polish and Chinese
Numerous other minor fixes on all platforms

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