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Happy Birthday, Stranger's Wrath

He probably doesn't much care for parties.

If you follow us on social media (and you really should!), you might have noticed that we’ve been using the recent Nintendo Switch release of Stranger’s Wrath HD as an excuse to celebrate our love of the game, the characters and all of the locations featured in Stranger’s Wrath.

But that’s not the only reason to celebrate. Stranger turned 15 years old on Saturday 25th of January so we’re taking this chance to say a big happy birthday to the laconic bounty hunter we’ve come to love more and more as the years go on.

Why not join us on Twitter or Facebook and share your favourite moments with Stranger over the years? We’ve been playing through the game again on Switch over the weekend and it’s been a lovely reminder of the things that endeared Stranger and his world to us all 15 years ago.

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