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Stranger's Wrath - The Final Countdown

It's nearly here, people!

There isn’t long to wait now, Stranger’s Wrath for the Nintendo Switch will be available as of tomorrow.

Helping to pass the days and get you even more excited for the release, we have been taking a look at some of the aspects that make Stranger’s Wrath the much-loved game that it is. From cinematics to stealth and music to humor, there is so much to celebrate.

So much so that we thought we would share the love and highlight some of our favorite stories/thoughts that the community has shared with us throughout the countdown.

Stranger Things

The countdown kicked off with a look at the VFX and how they progressed from early storyboards to final renders.

Excellent from early start to final finish




We moved on to highlight some of the amazing art that has been inspired by Stranger’s Wrath and I think we can all agree it’s awesome.

Certainly gonna get this as one of my first switch games. The cosplay of stranger is stellar and the art’s fabulous


As we made our way down, we shed some light on the cinematics used to tell the story of Stranger and showed off the many different locations you’ll encounter on your journey to salvation.

Mongo Valley. I remember getting there for the first time and thinking “Wow this place is huge” spent so long looking around searching for hidden Moolah


Every environment is fantastic in Stranger’s Wrath… I can’t wait for new players to experience Stranger’s tale… and get called a peckerhead for messin’ with the townsfolk…


The desert area is my favorite area, classic western atmosphere


Mongo River is my favorite part to explore. (My favorite missions were in Buzzarton.)

@Samantha Zanelli

Boss fights and the original soundtrack also proved to be highlights for many of you, and we couldn’t agree more!

The two Gloktigi at the end are the worst for me! It’s the spinning.
And are they spitting or sneezing that green, sticky stuff?


McGee. I hate him. I really, really hate him. Big explodey git


Boilz Booty + Fatty McBoomBoom on hard difficulty while doing a capture only/no kill run can be a real buttkicker.

@Brecht Lecluyse

An amazing soundtrack and one of the best in the series!

@Heather Renee

Truly fantastic; one of the amazing soundtracks that inspired me to start composing music myself. So ambient, yet well balanced with the mood of the scene. I’d love to learn the secrets!

@Josh Herbert

We moved on through stealth gameplay, concept art and the many skills you’ll need to complete the game.

[Stealth] This is how I finished this game. But it’s so hard to play like this against bosses.

@Dietrich Sad

A countdown of anything Oddworld related wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the humor. The comedic elements that are a trademark of any Oddworld game range from silly fart gags, physical slapstick to irony and sarcasm. With a whole host of characters, Stranger’s Wrath features some fantastic visual gags and spoken one-liners.

My favorite moment is before you enter the black market. Stranger has to provide a password to enter. The password is “molasses”, but instead he says “mole’s ass”. Despite this mistake he still is allowed inside


I quote Stranger alot, especially since my husband plays alot of different shooter games and I do not (Stranger is the only one)
“Never liked guns”

@Carolyn MacKenzie

All of which leads us to today. One day to go until release. Be sure to enjoy the view over on our socials as we look at a quick montage of Stranger’s Wrath on the Nintendo Switch.

I am over 13

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