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Not long to wait now until you can get your hands on Stranger’s Wrath HD for Nintendo Switch. Begin bagging bounties on January 23rd.

To celebrate this – as well as Stranger’s 15th anniversary – we are running a Live Ammo contest, with a copy of Stranger’s Wrath HD for the Nintendo Switch up for grabs.

Live Ammo is Stranger’s most valuable tool against taking down the bad guys and claiming the bounty on their heads. These bizarre creatures, plucked from the local environment, offer a wide range of combat possibilities, including:

  • Bolamites – spiders that wrap your enemies in web
  • Stingbees – rapid-firing homing bullets
  • Fuzzles – angry balls of fur that can lay in wait to pounce
  • Stunkz – makes enemies vomit if they’re in range of the foul smell

We know that the Oddworld community is brimming with strange yet brilliant ideas, so here’s your chance to create your very own Live Ammo.

This isn’t purely an artistic contest, however. We know that not everyone is comfortable with creating art, so the image of your crazy critter is just one aspect of this challenge. We also want to hear what advantage your ammo would offer Stranger in a fight.

Everything you need to know, rules, how to enter and templates (if needed) can be found at the bottom of this page.

This contest closes on January 17th with the winner announced January 20th. We can’t wait to see your ideas.


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