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International Joke Day

They always say laughter is the best medicine.

Today is International Joke Day and we here at Oddworld Inhabitants have always found a way to fit humour into the darkest of situations.

Head on over to Twitter and send us your funniest CLEAN jokes. If you can make us laugh, you may get a special reply.

Hold L2 + Square!

Some of the jokes you’ve sent so far:

@Caddicarus: What do you call a Stranger with an iPod? Steef Jobs.

@Erenzzle: Abe makes a Twitter account and his first tweet is: “Hello. Follow me.”

@NathanSifuHD: Why do Glukkons hate taking their pets to work? .. .. . . . . Because they hate “slogging” their way up the stairs.

@GrandAbleTank What’s is a Paramite’s favorite band? Paramore, because they can’t get enough!

@OldMateaus: The first Glukkon was born when Stranger uppercut a Slog!

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They always say laughter is the best medicine....
timeJul 1st, 2019

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