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Oddworld Announces Physical Collectors Edition of Stranger's Wrath HD For PS Vita

Coming soon.


We’re delighted to announce today that we’re teaming up with Limited Run Games again to produce a limited edition physical version of Stranger’s Wrath HD for PS Vita. The game will come with two-way reversible art, a fold-out map of Mongo River and a set of Stranger’s Wrath themed-poker cards.

We’ll have more news on the limited edition release, including numbers, pricing and release date, nearer the time.

Stranger’s Wrath HD is already available for download on the PlayStation Store for PS Vita and PS3, with an 83% Metacritic score.

The original Stranger’s Wrath – a blend of first person shooter and third person adventure, with a heavy focus on storytelling – launched on the original Xbox in 2005, and has subsequently released on PS3, PS Vita, PC and mobile. The ‘HD’ version, developed by Just Add Water, contains visual and aural improvements across the board.

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Details, content and art subject to change.

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