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Munch's Oddysee 2016 Beta Released On Steam

Work in progress.

We have been working with developers Square One on a new port of Munch’s Oddysee for Steam. The beta for this new port is now accessible by all.

To switch over to the new port, please right-click on the game in the Steam library, click Properties, click Betas, then from the drop-down select “Beta”. The game will then re-download. To opt-out and switch back to the original, select “None” from the same dropdown.

Please note this is a work-in-progress beta. It will attempt to migrate your old save games (and copy the old ones into another folder just in case) but we can’t guarantee you won’t lose any save game progress from the old port. If you decide to opt out of the beta, you’ll need to copy the saves back from the new folder.

We are aware of a number of bugs and issues with this beta, some front-end, some UI, some in-game, but we welcome all feedback.

We are continuing to investigate multi-language support – this beta currently only offers English.

You’ll notice some assets from the HD version, especially in the environments.

We hope you enjoy this opportunity to try this new beta build, but we do emphasize that it is work in progress and accept no responsibility for loss of progress. Please back-up your current save file if you’re concerned at all about the automatic save migration not working fully as expected at this stage.

We have also integrated trading cards, badges and emoticons, but these will only be activated once we leave beta and release this new port fully.

Please leave any feedback on the Steam thread, here.

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