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Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Launches On PS Vita

New 'n' Tasty goes handheld.

We’re delighted to announce that as from the 19th of January, 2016, Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty will be available on PlayStation Vita in North America, Europe, UK and Australia from the PlayStation Store.

Representing the first time New ‘n’ Tasty has gone handheld, the PS Vita version runs at native resolution and offers all the same deep gameplay and amazing environments of the console versions.

TheVitaLounge called the game “stunning” on PS Vita, with Punk And Lizard saying that it “takes seconds to realise the Vita has gained something really special.”

Check out this first play of the Vita version from LatestVitaGames:

We’re also confirming that the game is Cross-buy, so if you’ve already bought the PS4 or PS3 version of the game (or got it during last year’s PlayStation Plus offering) then the Vita version should be free to download.

If it’s not showing as free to download on PS Vita and it should be, please ensure you have downloaded all the free versions of the game on the Store, which should then activate the Cross Buy for the PS Vita version.

We hope you enjoy the game on PS Vita!

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