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Third Oddworld: Soulstorm image shows things going from bad to worse for the Mudokons.

With a little help from The Spirit of 1029 and a lot of help from the Oddworld community, we've found the latest in a string of disturbing images.

Over the past few weeks the community have been helping us unscramble and decode a series of messages and images sent to us by The Spirit of 1029.

After another series of puzzles we were left with an image to clean up. Sadly, things seem to be going from bad to worse for the Mudokons.

On the 23rd February we were contacted again.

We were sent a file by The Spirit of 1029, when we tried to look at its contents we found they were password protected. We were stuck, so once again we turned to the community and uploaded the file.

The community quickly realized that the file name was a clue. E=5. By replacing the numbers with their alphabetic equivalent the community found themselves with the word HIIBHEED.

Strangely, you quickly discovered that the correct password was HIIDHEED. The reason for this is still unclear…

Inside the file

The zip file contained the following items:

  • flyer1.jpg
  • flyer2.jpg
  • flyer3.jpg
  • Oddworld_Soulstorm_002_HD.jpg
  • toollist.txt
  • vital.png

Work. Obey. Comply.

After finding the password the community opened the flyer files and found some scrambled images of what appeared to be crude propaganda.

The community got to work trying to read them and we intended to share them once we’d cleaned them up, but something strange happened before we got the chance. A series of tweets appeared from us with photo attachments of the original flyers, along with the words: Work. Obey. Comply. We were unable to get onto our account and are unable to delete them. Who posted them still remains a mystery.

First Tweet

Second Tweet

Third tweet

The text file contained a list of Moon names, along with some / symbols. By taking the letter straight after the /, the community were left with useSsuitePicselSecuritySaveus.

Save us

SsuitePicsel Security uses Steganography encryption to secure messages. When the community used two of the files with the tool they received a string of seemingly random letters. When shifted 14 places with a Ceaser Cipher it returned the names of the moons listed in the text file. Except for one.
The community then managed to unscramble the flyer files, which once decoded spell “Let the thing that’s missing guide you”.

When the missing moons were decoded, we were left with a string of numbers: 12 36 28 31 52 22 12 & 7 12 63 28 31 36, which then led to two new pages:

Page 1

Page 2

The pages contain a message from The Spirit of 1029, and it looks like things are only getting worse. However, we do believe there’s at least one mystery still hidden, somewhere… Maybe there’s a message we need to find?

We can’t hold much Longer

The pages show a scrambled image of a Mudokon in trouble, we got to work cleaning up the image and now we’re showing you what we found. The latest image seems to show an imprisoned Mudokon gripping his head in pain, fear or both. We still don’t know exactly what’s happening, but the flyers would suggest that whatever’s going on- the Mudokons have had enough. Can you blame them?

We seem to be getting closer to the truth, and with the continued communication from 1029 it’s only a matter of time until we discover the extent of the atrocities and find a way to help them.

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