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Fan Art 41

Some of the latest fan art we've been sent- enjoy!

A little while ago we asked you to submit your fan art to us and we definitely weren’t disappointed! We were sent photos of everything from paintings to sculptures and we love them all. We’ve been sharing them on our social media feeds but we want to give them a place on the blogs, too! For this post we’ve included some of the first Fan Art pieces we were sent. Enjoy!

Michael Buraddoshō via Facebook

Mike Mono’s chalk art!

Emily Valinski sent us some Fan Art inspired by the first image release!

Luis Pucacco via Facebook

Daniel Balseiro Fernández via Facebook

Chanting Abe Sculpt by Lewis Moss

If your art wasn’t included in this blog post, don’t worry! We have lots ready to share for the next posts, and in the meantime you can head over to our Twitter and our Facebook pages for more!

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