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Oddworld: Soulstorm 1.05 Patch Now Available

Our first post-launch patch is live now!

Since our release on April 6th, we’ve been avidly watching the streams, reading the social media posts and listening to our fans. We cannot thank you all enough for the amazing response to Oddworld: Soulstorm and we want you to continue to enjoy your time with our game.

With that purpose firmly in mind, work on updates for some of the minor issues we’ve seen pop up has already begun and today we have the pleasure of introducing patch 1.05 to you all.

We’re putting this patch out today, and continuing work on future patches so we can get fixes to you as quickly as possible.

Oddworld: Soulstorm 1.05 Patch Notes:

  • News Soundbite VO in Train Hijack level changed
  • Ranking in PS5 leaderboards is now correct
  • Fixes for several cases of Abe becoming softlocked in rare circumstances
  • Fix on PC for Keyboard and Controller remapping when language is set to Russian and Japanese

Our next patch will be 1.06, coming for all platforms in just a few days. Among other things, this will include fixes for some rude Sligs that are, in rare cases, ignoring Abe and some strange behavior when Abe is turning off the timed toggle mines in a few areas.

We’re sure many of you will have also seen our statement about a potential crash bug in the PS4 version, which we made before our release. We are delighted to report that we haven’t seen any instances reported of this ocurring since the launch and we’ve been unable to replicate it ourselves too.

Please continue to keep in touch via our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Discord. And please continue to enjoy the game!

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