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Soulstorm's PS5 Reveal Trailer Welcomed By Fans

Huge thanks to everyone who took time to watch and comment.

We wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to our community. Your response to our latest trailer was amazing.

First shown during the PS 5 reveal late last week, the trailer shows off some of Oddworld: Soulstorm’s cinematics and gameplay. There are a few moments in there with hints to Soulstorm’s story too.

We were humbled to be included at the PlayStation 5 reveal but we were absolutely blown away by the response. We truly have the best community of fans. We’re inspired to keep working hard to bring you the great game you deserve.

This moment seemed particularly popular with long time fans of Abe!

Now that the news is out there, we intend sharing a lot more from Oddworld: Soulstorm in the coming months. Take a moment to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Like our Facebook page, join our Discord and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be first to be informed.



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