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Go Nuts for Donuts

DoNUT miss these great fan art submissions!

Our National Donut Day themed art contest certainly got your creative juices flowing.

Following the call for Donut art from our official Twitter, the Magog Cartel replied with this

On Friday 7th June, we celebrated National Donut Day by asking for your Oddworld themed donut creations. When the Magog Cartel replied via Twitter with the above image, we decided to have ourselves an impromptu celebration. Our favourite would get a special print of the Magog Cartel’s invention, and a copy of New ‘n’ Tasty’s Limited Edition physical release on PS4.

The Oddworld community did not disappoint. We received loads of pieces of artwork, ranging from drawings and models to recipes and paintings. We loved them all.

From all of the entries we chose four finalists (above), but because we couldn’t decide between them, we gave the community the final say.

In the end it was Johan Christiansen’s ingenious and disturbing Mudokon head donut, complete with eyeballs and stitches, that won.

Superb work from everybody.

The winning entry to our National Donut Day art contest

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