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Oddworld: Soulstorm Character Portraits - Molluck

Scarred and humiliated, Molluck looks like he's got a score to settle.

Here’s a familiar face. Molluck the Glukkon was defeated at RuptureFarms 1029, picking up a nasty looking scar in the process. He’s also the Glukkon most aware of Abe’s actions and the tinderbox his rebellion might represent. But will his fellow Glukkons listen to him or is his recent humiliation enough see him silenced and cast out by his superiors?

Molluck was perhaps the most talked about portrait we revealed at EGX last month. Perhaps because it solved the mystery of whether he survived the collapse of RuptureFarms but what we still don’t know is what his motivation will be now. Will he focus on vengeance? Will he be humiliated and stripped of his status? Will he be tasked with rebuilding RuptureFarms 1029 bigger, better and more brutal than before? How will his story influence the new Glukkons, as they hear about what happened to Molluck? There’s a lot of questions that spring to mind when you look at this portrait.

You can get Molluck’s wallpapers by clicking the appropriate link below.

3840×2160 (4k, Desktop)
2560×1440 (1440p, Desktop)
1920×1080 (HD, Desktop)
1080×1920 (Portrait, Smartphone)
820×462 (Facebook profile picture)
1500×500 (Twitter header image)

If you missed any of the previous portraits, you can catch up on them all here. You might also want to watch the first video footage from Soulstorm, which we revealed alongside these portraits.



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