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Second Oddworld: Soulstorm Image Shows One Terrified Mudokon

One poor Mudokon on the wrong end of a table full of needles...

One poor Mudokon on the wrong end of a table full of needles...

After receiving the first image from the organization known as “The Spirit of 1029”, strange things have been happening here at Oddworld Inhabitants. We’ve had our first glimpse of the threat to the Mudokons, and it doesn’t appear that things are any better for them now.

Last week, The Spirit of 1029 reached out to us again with another message. It simply said, “Our agent has delivered another transmission. We will verify its origins and pass it on.” They sent us the first image we’d already cleaned up, but this time there were strange scribbles, arrows and codes all over the photograph, along with the Spirit of 1029 logo.

The clues eventually led to a website with a grid containing a scrambled image of the 1029 logo. The grid was never solved, but some strange, garbled and disturbing messages were hidden in the source code. Eventually the Spirit of 1029 tweeted us another clue in the form of a cipher – then the community got to work and very quickly found a second website.

This second website contained fragments of images and the community began trying to collect all the fragments to make the full picture when something strange happened: the website apparently went dark, and shortly afterwards began to show strange, cryptic messages, which included “Asset 98: Terminated” and “See ya around, 1029!”

At the same time, Ed sent a terrified, desperate message for help, and we assumed the worst.

Meanwhile, The Spirit of 1029 made contact again. “We can’t reach Asset 98 but we do still have his clear transmissions. Prove you’re worthy. Show us that you’re able. Send us the grid. You found the grid, the letters and the numbers. Tell us how they fit together. Prove you’re no longer slaves to the machines.”

Thankfully the next day Ed let us know he was still alive, but his friend, Asset 98, wasn’t so lucky.

“…he never came back. I could hear him screaming all night… helpless. they took him… he was my friend. how did they know?”

The community are still working together to solve the grid, but they pieced together the image fragments to make a full photo, which we proceeded to clean up.

With the loss of Asset 98 and what we found when we cleaned up the image we can no longer ignore the plight of the Mudokons. Something terrible is going on. We know they are dying – we watched as Asset 98 lost his life. We won’t sit and wait anymore. We will find the truth and be their voice. We will not let Asset 98’s death be for nothing.

Click here to see the previous image.

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