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It's Valentine's day...

Gather round for some advice from a real trustworthy guy!


glukkon with a heart-shaped smoke

So I hear it’s Valentine’s day- ya know that one day every year when it’s compulsory for people to say that they love each other. Ugh.

But just how da ya do that? Why with cards and expensive gifts, of course!

What better way to tell those near and dear to ya that ya can just manage to tolerate ‘em than with somethin’ that’s garish an’ overpriced?
Not that I have any reason to encourage ya to do so, of course- I’m just an innocent bystander commentin’ on a holiday I have absolutely no reason to be invested in.

So if ya haven’t already, rush ta the nearest store and buy that special someone you’ve been thinkin’ about somethin’ nice an’ tacky.
Remember- pick up yer cards and candies today. No-one’s gonna love ya if ya don’t!

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s day from yer friendly neighborhood Glukkon.


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