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"Socks Taught Kids How To Read" Says Oddworld's Lorne Lanning

Hear how the muppets wowed Lorne Lanning’s brain.

Lorne Lanning is the creator of Oddworld, with Abe’s Oddysee being one of the breakthrough narrative games, and Lorne is one of the leading game designers in the world. His work as a trained painter in New York and animator in Hollywood make him a true hybrid original.

In this video he explores how his brain was trained in 3D (as a child), how the creative process stems from a desire to change, and how not to let fear rule your life. He talks with mymntr‘s Dr. Kevin Weiner about his brainy superpowers in this seminal interview.

“I wish you well on this mission of understanding the creative process of this mind” – that’s how Lorne Lanning starts a conversation in a great deep dive into his brain. Check it out, see how he trained his mind to game your mind, and take a quiz to see what brainy superpowers you share with him.

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