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Patch 1.02 Released For Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty On PC

Controller remapping, meat grinder fixes and the ability to switch off various graphical effects.

Hi Oddworld fans.

We are, as we’ve said, committed to ensuring that players of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty have the best possible experience, and we fully plan to support the game and its players post-launch.

As such, our second patch (version 1.02) now available on Steam (and shortly for GOG) addresses the following:

1.02 / A / In-game cut-scene issues

We’ve removed an erroneously applied layer of real-time post-processing to the pre-rendered video cut-scenes.

1.02 / B / Ability to switch off various graphical effects

We’ve looked at implementing toggles for the bloom, lens effects and glow – partly to address user feedback and partly to improve performance to some degree for certain PC spec configurations.

Users can switch the effects by editing the following file:

[NNT INSTALL FOLDER] / Settings / [STEAM USER ID#] / PostProcessingSettings.cfg

There are options for Glow (the soft lighting effect cast by lights in the game), Bloom (an effect that produces feathered light edges) and LensDirt (meant to replicate the look of a camera). All can be toggled to True or False as required.

In addition, the issue with the ‘shadows’ slider not working as expected has been fixed, and we’ve added a further slider for ‘shadow distance’.

1.02 / C / Controller remapping

We’ve looked into the simplest way to grant players the ability to remap buttons on their controllers. Thus, to enable users to share their own remapped profiles, we’ve opted to use a text file:

[NNT INSTALL FOLDER] / Settings / [STEAM USER ID#] / KeyMapCustomController.cfg

To find this file, please look inside:


You’ll find a readme in the Help folder that explains how to remap the controls, along with an example remap file that must be edited and renamed and placed alongside the other settings files. If you need help with this, please reach out to us on Twitter or via our support email.

We hope that this ability goes some way to alleviating some of the issues with certain controllers not functioning the way both we and you would expect them to in-game.

Please note that remapped controls aren’t currently reflected in the in-game banners.

1.02 / D / Meat grinder issues at higher frame rates

We’ve investigated complaints that the meat grinders were running too fast at frame-rates higher than 60 FPS (for anyone interested, the actuality is that they were resetting their descent too fast, rather than the actual speed of the movement) and this patch should therefore fix the issues players may have experienced.

We’ve also slowed down the speed of the fastest grinders just a little.

1.02 / E / Leaderboard fixes

Some leaderboards were reversed and some were incorrectly reporting completion times as 00:00.

1.02 / F / Xbox 360 controller screen shows incorrect buttons

The game start screen that shows if the player has a controller connected would incorrectly display the functions of the four main face buttons. This is now fixed.

1.02 / G / Various other fixes and tweaks

There were a number of minor, isolated progression bugs at launch, including a Scrab patrol in Scrabania Trial 4 that blocked progress, the remote ability to fall out of the world in Zulag 2 Path 2 and Elum getting stuck on one of the new running sections – these are all fixed. We’ve also made an addition to the game credits.

These fixes follow the 1.01 patch, which addressed and fixed several controller-related issues.

Again, we’d like to confirm that we are absolutely behind Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty 100%, and will continue to monitor your thoughts on Twitter, the Steam community forums and Facebook and are committed to ensuring our fans enjoy the game the way we’d hoped they would.

If you’ve not yet grabbed a copy of New ‘n’ Tasty, it’s available now from Steam, GOG and Humble, and if you have already bought the game, we wholeheartedly thank you.

We’d like to thank everyone again for their early support (and it’s wonderful to see so many of you loving the game) and look forward to your continued (and most valued) feedback.

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