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Regarding A "Progress Save" Bug In New 'n' Tasty On Xbox One

We're investigating issues regarding save progress in certain circumstances.

Hi Oddworld fans.

We’re investigating isolated reports that game progress isn’t being correctly saved on Xbox One in certain circumstances.

Our development team has confirmed that it’s possible that if the user suspends Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty whilst in-game, a reboot or power-off of the console will not prompt the game to pick up the user’s Xbox Live profile, and thus from that point on game progress may not be saved correctly. You can verify this because the blue ‘Mudokon’ symbol will not appear when the game is saved if the bug occurs.

We are working to fix this issue in an update to the game, but in the meantime we would suggest that if you are suspending the game, do so from the game’s main menu or profile screen, rather than in-game. Alternatively, please exit the game fully to the Xbox dashboard and quit the game completely before rebooting or powering-off the console.

We’ll have further updates on this matter in due course.

Thanks for your patience.

Update: please ensure you quit the game fully when you have finished playing New ‘n’ Tasty. That is, suspend the game and then, using the MENU button on the controller, Quit the game completely so that the New ‘n’ Tasty logo replaces the suspended game image on the dashboard.

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