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Stranger's Wrath Is 10 Years Old

A decade of bounty hunting!

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was released on the original Xbox ten years ago this week.

A diversion from previous games, Stranger’s Wrath presented an entirely new player character—Stranger—in an unfamiliar part of Oddworld, and blended third-person exploration with (for the first time in Oddworld) first-person shooting, bringing a very different experience to the series.


But with its epic storyline set against a region of environmental degradation and cultural conflicts, a protagonist fighting to survive despite his place in the food chain, and an inventive Live Ammo system that provides a range of playstyles from non-lethal to stealthy to sadistic, Stranger found its much-loved place with gamers and fans.


The game was incredibly well received by critics at launch, with Talk Xbox saying it’s “quite possibly the best single player experience available on the Xbox” and going on to claim that it “outstripped even the mighty ‘Halo'” and felt “fresh, unique, and unparalleled in its innovation of the genre”.

And if you missed out on the action all those years ago, or your Xbox is lost somewhere in the attic, then there’s little reason not to indulge in this chapter of Oddworld history. Stranger’s Wrath has an HD remaster with online leaderboards for the still-active speedrunning community and several recent releases on mobile platforms. Techgleam listed Stranger’s Wrath in their top 10 Android games for January. TouchArcade gave the mobile version their full five stars, saying “there’s truly almost no competition in its category on iOS”.


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD is available now for Windows on Steam, and Humble Store, and for PS3 and PS Vita on PlayStation Network.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath for mobile is available now on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. It’s also out now on Ouya.

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