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Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty 'Old School' Controls Patch (1.06) Released For PS4

The 1.06 controls patch is out now.

Hello Inhabitants.

The next time you fire up Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty on PlayStation 4 you’ll be greeted with an update for the game containing a much-requested fan addition: ‘old school’ controls; along with a couple of other minor tweaks and fixes.

These ‘old school‘ controls – which NowGamer are calling a “revelation” – are designed to offer players a choice with regards to both analogue movement and how Abe jumps.

In previous versions of the game, Abe walked and ran with the left stick, but now players can opt to require L2 to make him run. Likewise, you can now toggle an option to have X make Abe jump forward, rather than just straight up, which should help with those tricky hops over mines.

Here is the 1.06 update in full detail:

1. Have Abe walk by default, with L2 to run


The first new feature is the ability to have Abe run only when a ‘run’ button is pushed. In this case, if players toggle “Button To Run” in the settings, Abe will only walk with the analog stick, and will then only run when L2 is held in addition to the analog stick being moved.

When walking, Abe will only be able to hop short distances, but he’ll be easier to control in tight spaces. You’ll need to be running to leap to higher ledges and make bigger gaps, of course.


2. Easier jumps, with X to hop


Secondly is the option to have the X button hop sideways, rather than straight up. We dedicated a fair amount of time to the jumping system in New ‘n’ Tasty but appreciate that old school fans would rather Abe hopped laterally a little easier.

If you toggle “Sideways Hop” on in the settings, this is exactly what will happen: Abe will hop forwards if you tap X. If you’re running, X will leap as expected. And regardless of the setting, ‘Up’ on the analog stick will still hoist as normal.

Both options can be toggled at any time via the pause menu, and are independent of each other.


3. Fixes to the in-game leaderboards

We’ve noticed a number of times for the individual levels being erroneously uploaded to the leaderboards. We’ve established the cause of this, and have prevented it happening in the future. However, as a result, we’ll have to wipe the affected leaderboards.

If you still have a save game with times for levels they’ll be automatically re-uploaded during regular play.


4. Fixes to missing Mudokon audio towards the end of the game

One area of the game towards the end of the story was missing audio from Abe’s fellow Mudokons. This has been fixed.


The update is available now and weighs in at 2.5 GB. We hope fans get to grips with the new settings (which are off by default) and especially want to see the impact they’ll have on Alf’s Escape!

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is currently available for PlayStation 4 (from here), with PlayStation 3, PlayStation VITA, Windows, Mac, Linux, Wii U and Xbox One versions to follow.

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