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New 'n' Tasty, Munch HD & Stranger HD Discounts

Three Oddworld titles take part in PlayStation Store's new wave of discounts - New 'n' Tasty, Munch HD and Stranger HD.

It’s time to drop the Moolah! Today the PlayStation Store starts a fresh round of discounts, reducing prices all over Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Attentive Inhabitants will be able to spot some of its most Oddly participants, but to save you looking, here’s our complete inclusion.

Headlining the show, you can now pick up our brand-new, highly-acclaimed, ground-up remake Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty for £12.99/€15.99/AU$23.95 – that’s a 25% discount from the usual full price! And while New ‘n’ Tasty is only available on PlayStation 4 right now, the power of Cross-Buy means you can play on your PlayStation 3 and PlayStation VITA as soon as it launches on those platforms.

But Abe’s not keeping the spotlight all to himself! Our feisty young Gabbit hero gets his own deal, with Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD for PlayStation 3 down to a third of its usual price – that’s £2.49/€2.99/AU$4.55. Rescuing Mudokons and Fuzzles has never been more tempting!

In fact, the whole continent is getting in on the sale action! So grab your critter-crossbow and high-vacuum can, because Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD for PlayStation Vita is also down 60% to a very bountiable £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.55. Clean ’em up thar!

So handle your wallets with care, because your Moolah is just begging to make you all these great savings! And of course if you’re one of those PS Plus subscribers, don’t forget you get an extra 10% discount on top of these great reductions. But don’t be dilly-dallyin’, PlayStation Stores discounts come to an end on October 8th, so visit your local PlayStation Store today!



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