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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Patch 1.05 Released For PS4

The big Tasty Treat edition.

Hello Inhabitants.

We’re happy to announce that a new update for New ‘n’ Tasty – version 1.05 – is now available for download for the game. This incorporates patch 1.04, which was unreleased.

Simply start the game whilst your PS4 is connected to the internet to get the update, or let the PS4 start the download of the update itself.

Continuing our commitment to working around the clock to ensure the game looks, sounds and plays as we intended, here’s what has been fixed in this latest version of the game:

1. Unresponsive Slogs

A small percentage of players reported that they couldn’t get a second Slog to follow them whilst possessing a Slig. This is now fixed in 1.05 and Slogs should be as attentive as required.

2. Fixes to Spirit Rings

It was previously possible to get two Spirit Rings at the same time towards the end of the game. This has now been fixed.

3. Mines didn’t always trigger when Abe leaves a well

Fixed in 1.05.

4. Bees were sometimes outside their hives

We couldn’t have stray bees buzzing around the temples. We’ve re-applied the elastic holding them in place for 1.05.

5. Slogs could sometimes become stuck in electric gates

No more sticky Slogs, all Slogs will be guaranteed fried to a crisp in 1.05.

6. Sligs would shoot at Mudokons when they should have been panicking

Those trigger-happy Sligs have been put in their place. Fixed in 1.05.

7. Chanting near natives made them angry

Nobody likes an angry native when all you’re doing is a little chanting, right? Fixed in 1.05.

8. Shrykull didn’t continue to zap targets if you QuikSave

You previously had to ensure L2 and R2 were held down during and after a QuikSave to continue frying your enemies. Fixed in 1.05.

9. Slogs didn’t wake up after you QuikLoaded

Sleepy Slogs, the source of a couple of issues – especially with secret areas – have been fixed in 1.05.

10. Pulling the shut off valve at the end of the game too quickly broke the game ending

Oh the irony. Fixed in 1.05.

11. Abe’s chanting sound, birds and particles would sometimes disappear when opening a portal

Fixed in 1.05. Now we’re pushing more particles than ever before.

12. Elum was sometimes frozen after a respawn

Elum’s behaviour was mostly fixed in 1.03. A couple more tweaks for this patch see the loveable mount more responsive than ever.

13. Mudokons would vocally respond too slowly when told to “follow me” “wait”

We all want faster Mudokon responses. Fixed in 1.05.

14. Lifts would continue to move after Abe had been killed

Fixed in 1.05. Makes sense when you think about it – who’s pushing the button?

15. Abe was able to repeatedly trigger triggerboxes like levers, buttons and so on

Fixed in 1.05. Now triggerboxes that should only be switchable once are exactly that.

16. Shrykull’s idle audio sometimes wouldn’t cut out after loading or respawning

Fixed in 1.05.

17. It was possible to destroy chant suppressors behind collision

Fixed in 1.05. Now you’ll have to work for your possession.

18. Chant suppressors were sometimes not turned on by Abe whilst riding Elum

Fixed in 1.05. Now you’ll have to work even harder for your possession.

19. Abe’s bird halo would sometimes appear after activating chime bells

Fixed in 1.05.

20. There was no fart effect when riding Elum!

Our most requested fix since the one that didn’t let you play the game unless your real name was Steve.

21. Sligs now say “What?” if you press Use and nothing’s in range

Fixed in 1.05.

22. It was possible to turn electric gates off while Sligs were being electrocuted.

Fixed in 1.05.

23. A possible crash on completing the game to do with Boardroom explosions was fixed

Fixed in 1.05. Sorry if anyone was affected by this bug.

24. Best Time leaderboards now record your Best Time, all the time

Previously Best Time leaderboards still required you to better your Mudokon score, which didn’t make any sense. That now means we can do some proper speedrunning! Maybe we should have a competition or something… Stay tuned!

25. Game now checks for New ‘N’ Hasty trophy unlock conditions after completing any chapter

Should make getting this trophy a little easier.

26. Fixed a crash for slogs failing to find a target after being commanded by Sligs

Fixed in 1.05.

27. Fixed two potential “death loops” in a Free Fire Zone secret area

This was a big one, and caught a few people in a situation where they had to restart the chapter to get out of the secret area. We’ve made adjustments to the layout of the area, which should stop Abe getting stuck.

Version 1.05 also contains a dedicated remaster of the audio balancing from our partners at Somatone, which should provide a much richer audio experience for players.

Finally, version 1.05 also prepares New ‘n’ Tasty for the upcoming Alf’s Escape DLC, releasing next week on the 19th of August.

The patch is available now for PS4, and due to the content, audio and support for future expansion, comes in at approximately 2.75GB.

Thanks again for your patience with this upgrade process, but we hope the game will now provide the experience intended.

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