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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Patch 1.03 Released For PS4

Further fixes based on user feedback.

Further to our release of  update 1.02 last week that fixed most of the reported crash bugs and a few other issues with leaderboards and user save profiles, we’re happy to say that today we’re pushing live an additional update – 1.03 – that looks to fix the major remaining bugs and issues in the PlayStation 4 version of the game.

1.03 should be available the next time you start up Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, and is another small (60MB) patch.

1. Elum can fall down gaps when getting him to follow you from a higher platform

Thanks to everyone that reported this particular issue, which is now fixed in 1.03. Elum is now much more self-aware and has lost some of his Lemming-like tendencies around gaps. This should make Paramonia and Scrabania much smoother to play through.

2. Elum can fall of the moving lift when moving to a higher platform

A few remaining instances of Elum walking off moving lifts in exceptional circumstances have been fixed in 1.03.

3. It’s possible to get Abe stuck chanting

Our intention to have any present birds flying towards Abe when he chants to top up his health resulting in a few ‘chant stuck’ bugs where the birds snagged on other objects (and even on Sligs!) meaning they’d never get to Abe, who was locked into chanting. This has now been fixed in 1.03.

4. Abe’s focus is not cleared on use of well

Anyone that had an issue where Abe would move around the screen after tapping Square will be happy to know this has been fixed in 1.03, and was caused by the game still thinking he was attached to a well.

5. The “No Place Like Home” trophy does not unlock if Chapter Select is used

We’re working through the one or two trophies that weren’t unlocking as some users had expected. The ‘No Place Like Home’ trophy will now unlock when Abe enters the final scene, not the final portal, which makes it slightly easier to obtain.

We’ll continue working with user feedback on the trophies.

6. Return (Zulag 2 onwards) QuikSave crash

Perhaps the most important fix, some users had reported the game locking up towards the end of the game when they QuikSaved. We’ve identified that this was happening when the player was around Sligs and Slig locks, and has now been fixed in 1.03.

Once again, we appreciate everyone’s patience and apologize for the errors present in the launch version of the game. Hopefully it’s clear that we’re working around the clock to get these fixed, and would like to extend our thanks to PlayStation who have been working with us to get things moving along as quickly as possible.

To demonstrate this commitment, following 1.03 will be a comprehensive update to the game that contains a large amount of minor fixes and some other more substantial tweaks and patches.

Arriving in the middle of August, 1.04 will include a reworked audio mix, changes to the way leaderboards record your best times, fixes to two rare but frustrating ‘death loops’ in one secret area, fixes to the potential crash at the very end of the game and a whole host of other changes to ensure New ‘n’ Tasty plays, looks and sounds as intended.

We’ll have full details of 1.04 when it releases.

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