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Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Patch 1.02 Released For PS4

Main crash bugs fixed, advice for end-game issues included.

Hello Inhabitants.

Further to our update last week, we’re happy to announce that Sony have pushed live the v1.02 patch for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty. This will automatically load when the game is started, and should ensure a much smoother experience for any players affected by the initial release.

Update 1.02 is a critical bug-fix patch that corrects the following issues people had reported with the game since going live last week.

1. Crash on completion of game

Some users experienced a crash at the very end of the game. This has now been fixed in 1.02. We have also fixed a bug where the game might crash at the end once all 299 Mudokons had been saved.

2. Save profiles blended together, preventing separate profiles from having their own progress

This has now been fixed in 1.02 and save profiles will work as expected.

3. Leaderboard fixes

In 1.01 the leaderboards only showed the top eight times. This has been fixed in 1.02, along with a fix that prevented some users from posting a fully complete (299 Mudokons) save.

4. Zulag 1 cargo lift crash

In 1.01, users that had Mudokons following Abe onto the main cargo lift towards the end of Zulag 1 would find their PS4 would crash. This has now been fixed in 1.02.

5. Scrabs fighting crash

In 1.01, instances where two Scrabs would fight each other could cause the PS4 to crash. This has been fixed in 1.02.

6. Repeated QuikSaves in Scrabania Temple Trial 3 could cause the PS4 to crash

This has been fixed in 1.02.

7. An issue with QuikSaving with Sligs in a certain state of alertness could cause the PS4 to crash

This has been fixed in 1.02.

We would like to restate our dedication to ensuring that all players of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty get the best possible experience out of the game. We are fully committed to supporting the game, and continue to work through any outstanding issues with the game.

We sincerely apologise again for issues caused by the above bugs and will continue to remain transparent on this matter. Patch 1.02 should be available for Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty the next time you start the game.

The patch is 60MB in size.

An additional update (1.03) that fixes a number of less critical bugs will follow 1.02 as soon as we’re able, hopefully next week.

This will include fixes to instances where Elum could miss that an elevator had moved; instances where Abe would become stuck chanting; fixes to the end of the game where QuikSaves would crash the PS4 when a Slig was possessed, and some trophy fixes.

As a temporary workaround for the end game crashes (until we push 1.03 live) the game will run fine if the player doesn’t QuikSave while a Slig is possessed during Abe’s return to RuptureFarms.

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