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An Update On New 'n' Tasty's "CE-34878-0" Bug

Crash issues fixed, patch incoming.

Hello Inhabitants!

Over the last day or so, we’ve noticed a tiny (but significant) proportion of New ‘n’ Tasty players are experiencing a small number of unfortunate bugs, some of which the PlayStation 4 is reporting with a rather unfriendly “CE-34878-0” error code.

Firstly, we are hugely grateful for all your feedback and a massive thanks for alerting us in these first days of the game being available.

Secondly, we are happy to say that we’ve spent the last 24 hours finding and fixing the issues, and will be issuing a new patch to Sony to close off these bugs as soon as possible.

The main CE-34878-0 bugs appear to be in relation to:

  • If and when two Scrabs start fighting each other in specific areas of the game;
  • When Abe operates the main cargo lift in the first section of the game if he has Mudokons following him from earlier in the level, even if they’re offscreen – to resolve, ensure any following Mudokons are told to ‘wait’ before pressing the cargo lift switch;
  • An additional one relating to QuikSave and Slig visors.

We’ve also fixed the following issues, patches for which will also be included in the upcoming update:

  • Instances where the Leaderboards are not updating properly;
  • Instances where Total Mudokons and Best times are merged in Save game profiles;
  • A few minor GameSpeak issues;
  • A minor load time optimisation in relation to erroneously including unnecessary sound banks;
  • A few issues with Slogs and electric gates;
  • Other minor bug fixes.

We are also looking into reports in Paramonia where players have found Elum has managed to follow Abe laterally but actually falls down an elevator shaft, requiring a QuikLoad if there’s one available.

We’re truly sorry these issues have made it into the final game. We will continue to ensure that PlayStation 4 users have the best possible experience with New ‘n’ Tasty.

Thanks again to everyone for their time in reporting the bugs.

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