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New 'n' Tasty Ingredients #2 - Mudokon Voices

Our New 'n' Tasty Mudokons come with more personality and individuality than the next leading brand! Just ask these celebrity endorsements!

A long time ago we launched an audition called Who Wants to Be a Mudokon?, and we asked all our fans to enter. We called for your best Mudokon voices because what better pool of talent to explore than you dedicated, passionate and gifted fans?

We got hundreds of entries from you guys, from all across the world, and it was no small task for our audio inmates—I mean, colleagues—to sit and listen to each and every recording with a straight face and an impartial ear. Some of you went goofy, some of you went wiseguy, but the thought of you all putting on silly voices in your bedrooms, offices and studios made us smile. So a round of applause to yourselves!

Now RuptureFarms is a big place, but there’s only so many sl-uhhhh, workers hanging around waiting to be rescued, so somebody had to be the bad guy and pick out the top Mud voices. And it took months of back-and-forth emails desperately trying to explain abstract tonal minutiae, and painstaking pitch-shifting, but we did it—we got those voices. Your voices. In Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty.

Congratulations to the poor schmucks who get to scrub factory floors, and congratulations to the shivering natives left outside to guide Abe. Your work has helped the production lines, trackless wastes and ancient temples alike come to life with more passion and character than we could ever fit on one disc in 1997. Here’s a list of your names so everybody can be very jealous of you!

  • John Aquila
  • Dante Bisceglia
  • Avery Byrd
  • Chris Camacho
  • Mike DeBonis
  • Chris Fern
  • Zachary Furniss
  • Tom Grassick
  • Steve Gregson
  • Andrew Hamblin
  • Kevin Johnston
  • Danny Kilpatrick
  • Paul McDonough
  • Nick Russ
  • Ryan Stewart
  • Ben Wilson

Sometimes it just so happens that our fans have names you might recognize from somewhere else. Maybe it’s TV, movies, music or even other games—who could possibly know? Maybe ask these three good folks who have decided to take a step down from their Earthly careers to join the loinclothed labor pool of the biggest meat factory on Oddworld.

Now don’t go expecting to recognize your favorite celebrity the instant you step into audible range of their cleaning duties. Every valued employee of RuptureFarms goes through extensive processing to meet the high bar of quality you expect. But if you catch a familiar intonation or curious reference out of the corner of your ear, you can tap your nose and wink at the screen knowingly.

Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is released on July 22nd in the US, and 23rd in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, for PlayStation 4. Other versions to follow.

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Our New 'n' Tasty Mudokons come with more personality and individuality than the...
timeJul 4th, 2014

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