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Lorne talks 'Triple-A indie' to Metro

Lorne talks about becoming 'triple-A indie' to Metro GameCentral's David Jenkins.

Ever look at indie and triple-A and wonder where everything in between went? Metro GameCentral’s David Jenkins took the time to ask why that was when he met Lorne Lanning at E3 last month.

Lorne explains what’s happening on the business side of game development that made him want to drop out nearly a decade ago. “As games got more expensive for development they did not get more expensive at retail, right? So you’re doing a lot more work for a lot less reward and, what I also didn’t see coming, was that for the most part the big publishers didn’t want to have anything to do with you if they couldn’t own your IP. Or if they didn’t see a path to acquisition.”

But the emergence of digital distribution allowed us to sell our existing catalog and fund some smaller projects. “And basically, almost a couple of million units later in game sales on digital networks we were able to fund some new development. With self-publishing I’ve sold more copies of Stranger’s Wrath than the publisher did originally, and ultimately that led to New ‘n’ Tasty.”

And that’s how Oddworld returned as the ‘triple-A indie’, keeping our high production qualities while ditching the imposing business of big publishers.

Get the complete story for your very self by reading the full interview with Lorne on Metro’s GameCentral.

And remember, “If New ‘n’ Tasty does 250,000 units we should be able to initiate Exoddus in the same way. At 500,000 units I can start building new IP.” New ‘n’ Tasty launches for PlayStation 4 on July 22 in North America, July 23 in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

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Lorne talks about becoming 'triple-A indie' to Metro GameCentral's David Jenkins...
timeJul 8th, 2014

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