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Lorne on controlling the Oddworld Universe

Lorne Lanning speaks to about controlling the Oddworld Universe.

It’s a very exciting time for Oddworld Inhabitants. New ‘n’ Tasty will release later this month, giving us our first real idea of what we can accomplish next.

Lorne Lanning spoke to about the issues that can affect creative control over a fictional universe like Oddworld. “We wanted to nurture the property through its life like Walt Disney or Jim Henson did, but these days there’s a lot of money and big business going around.”

But why are we taking our time, building up our project sizes slowly and not jumping to brand new IPs with the help of big publishers?

“We had to be honest with our audience in that we don’t have enough money to make a new IP. The number one thing is selling games – when they profit, we can make more games. With a LOT of success we’ll start making new IPs.”

You can read more about creative independence, the pressures behind our past Oddworld games, and the opportunities we hope New ‘n’ Tasty will open in Lorne’s interview with You may even spot a little something about Squeek!




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Lorne Lanning speaks to about controlling the Oddworld Universe....
timeJul 1st, 2014

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