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Fan Art 39 - Moddels

Four fanart moddels submitted to us by our wonderful fans.

We like models at Oddworld. Lots of our games have them! But it’s not only the digital, virtual, polygonal ones we like seeing – sometimes you guys make sweet realworld sculptures, too!

So check out these fan-tastic ‘moddels’ in this week’s Fan Art Tuesday (sometimes we call it ‘FArT’).

Take a look back at our Fan Art archives for earlier submissions, and if crafting your take on the Oddworld universe is the sort of thing that keeps you busy, we’d love to see it.

It can be anything – we’ve had drawings, paintings, animations, models, murals, tattoos, costumes and even balloons!

How to submit:

Fancy a splice of the Fan Art mainbrace? Donate your creations to Alf using the handy-dandy #OddworldFanArt hashtag on either Oddworld Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll be making our way through the submissions each Tuesday, showcasing them in all their glory, so make sure we’ve got a full supply to keep us going week after week.

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Fan Art 39 - Moddels, 4.8 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

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  • amberh5994

    The time that some people put into making models is insane. Do you guys think that there will be some merchandise for New N Tasty/Oddworld in general? I’ve always wanted a nice figure, or a T-shirt to represent the games and company, but they have all been limited stock/time and I prefer my T-shirts be black.

    Sometimes, I think my biggest regret as a huge fan of Oddworld is not buying the art book when there were regular ones available that I could actually afford. Then I rethink it and realize that my real regret is that I will probably never meet Lorne Lanning, who I admire and idolize greatly.

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  • Nationkid05

    Some amazing fanart there! Love how they built a scrab with bionicle parts! :D

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