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New 'n' Tasty Comparison 6 - Paramonian Temple

This week we check out the obvious sequel to last week's New 'n' Tasty comparison shot, a look at the creepy Paramonian Temple.

There could only be one place to naturally follow up last week’s trek across the wilderness of Paramonia—and sorry if you anticipated it would involve a well journey to the drier end of the continent so soon.

The rickety wooden walkways of the Paramonian Temple form a maze almost as complicated as Paramites’ giant webs. The whole place is rigged with traps: some from the Native Mudokons that built it, some from the Paramites that infest the creaking chasms.

As ever, tell us what you think about the temple’s newfound fidelity. We read everything you guys send us, and value your thoughts.


If you want to go back and look at all our past comparisons, use our muchly useful ‘comparison’ tag.

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