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Fan Art 38 - Monochrome Mudokons

Here's a challenge for you! Take one background color and one inking color and draw a Mudokon. Who's the Monochrome Master?

Here’s a challenge for you! Take one background color and one inking color and draw a Mudokon. Any Mudokon! Let’s face it, you’ll probably pick Abe—nobody ever picks poor Alf—but you could in theory pick ANY Mudokon at all! Even a skeleton one!

No opacity, no saturation, no brightness. Just blocks, lines and hatches. Let’s see who the Monochrome Masters are!

Right then, Rehabitants, your entries are in! You definitely drew them really quickly just now, and not a long time ago and I’m just coming up with some quality that they all share in common to get them into the same gallery under an arguable theme. Speedy work!

Take a look back at our Fan Art archives for earlier submissions, and if crafting your take on the Oddworld universe is the sort of thing that keeps you busy, we’d love to see it.

It can be anything – we’ve had drawings, paintings, animations, models, murals, tattoos, costumes and even balloons!

How to submit:

Fancy a tug on the Fan Art boat? Donate your creations to Alf using the handy-dandy #OddworldFanArt hashtag on either Oddworld Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll be making our way through the submissions each Tuesday, showcasing them in all their glory, so make sure we’ve got a full supply to keep us going week after week.

I am over 13

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