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New 'n' Tasty's PlayStation Trophies: You Decide How They Work

Stacked or separate? We want to know.

Fellow Inhabitants, we need your feedback!

We polled you guys recently regarding five specific PlayStation trophies that’ll feature in the game – and thanks for all your feedback there – but we want to ask you another question:

Given the fact that New ‘n’ Tasty will support both Cross Buy and Cross Save (which means your game progress will be saved across PS4, PS3 and PS Vita), how do you like your Trophies?

Some people like to earn their Trophies for each platform, some people like them to automatically unlock. Which are you? If you could select from one of the following two options we’ll go with the majority!

Thanks again from everyone at Oddworld, and we look forward to hearing what you think. We’ll leave this poll open until Monday night, the 12th of May, so get voting!

Thanks, the poll has now closed. We’ll announce the results this week.

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  • TheNewGuy

    Trophy name and idea for the game. get the bad ending (wont post the spoiler) but get the bad ending and could call the Trophy Ruptured Abe

  • TheNewGuy


    otherwise l wont buy it. my trophy set is for games with platinums only. l dont put arcade games and games with no platinum trophies in my list. l hope it does, because im really looking forward to this remake, and l so want to play it. so many other gamers like me dont play games without platinum trophies. but im guessing this will. because for one its a disc release. and games on disc have to have a platinum no days. and also the second reason is because, on this site here when talking about trophies it shows a platinum. and l highly doubt they would show that here if it didnt have one.

  • TheNewGuy

    l can’t wait to earn the platinum trophy on this badboy. this game will definitely sell over the amount required to ensure Exoduss gets its REVAMP aswell. the best two Oddworld games out there. hope l dont have to wait long to get Exoduss. the Platinum Trophy on this will be l hope there is a good amount to get. like 40-50 trophies + obviously the platinum

  • sekhem

    I hate seeing trophy achievements for games like this. There’s no reason for them. It takes you out of the immersion of the game unless there’s somehow you can turn them off in Steam to ask for the least?

  • TITEUF-85

    Hi. Make them “SEPARATE” please, it makes the game interest “longer”, because we can play about three time to complete everything. Thanks.

  • ShadeFromOdd

    I Want Steam Achievements!!! =D

  • Rad Sock

    What about Steam achievements?

  • Aphidman

    I’d prefer one set for all PlayStation. If we have Cross Buy and Cross Save it only makes sense to be able to continue our saves + trophies when he hop from the PS4 to the Vita or onto a PS3. I mean, if I earn trophies on the Vita then access my profile on the PS4 I’d have to restart my game to get them again.

  • Hades no1Minion

    For me, I’d rather them to be separate for each platform.

  • tylerh1701

    Definitely voting for separate trophy lists! If they auto-pop that’s always cool, but even if they don’t it gives me more of a reason to replay the game on a different console then I played it the first time.

    Thanks for asking!