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New 'n' Tasty Comparison 5 - Paramonia

We asked you where Abe goes first from Monsaic Lines, and you told us your answer. Time for the next New 'n' Tasty comparison!

We were faced with a dilemma when it came to this week’s New ‘n’ Tasty comparison shot. Abe had a choice of pilgrimages when he was discovering his heritage, and so did we finding a place to send our compari-cams.

So we did what we usually do when we’re unsure – we turned to our fans for their thoughts! Yes, once again we asked you which you all thought should come next: #Paramonia or #Scrabania!

Hate to break it to you web-weary folks, but the forestphiles outnumbered you a lot!

And so it’s our tree-mendous pleasure to present Paramonia, oldysee and New!


If you want to go back and look at all our past comparisons, use our muchly useful ‘comparison’ tag. And if you’ve got something to say about what you see—tell us! Drop a comment below to tell us how we’re doing.

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