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New 'n' Tasty Comparison 4 - Monsaic Lines

The latest comparison shot of New 'n' Tasty showcases Monsaic Lines, the holy caves of the Mudokons.

We’re totally loving the response you fan-tastic fans are giving to our New ‘n’ Tasty comparisons, and we ain’t gonna backtrack on our plans to continue with the weekly sneakly peakly.

Now, major spoilers if you haven’t played Abe’s Oddysee, but it turns out Abe’s successful escape from RuptureFarms (assuming his guardian angel hadn’t snapped their controller before then) was only the first chapter in his quest for freedom.

First stop for the hapless goofball are the Mudokon holy caves known as Monsaic Lines, filled with mystics, shamans, and edgy protectors.


If you want to go back and look at all our past comparisons, use our muchly useful ‘comparison’ tag. And if you’ve got something to say about what you see—tell us! Drop a comment below to tell us how we’re doing.

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