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Oddboxx Easter Sale - 60% OFF

Classic Oddworld games go cheap on PlayStation

If you’re spending the Easter break stuck in your home, staring out the window as it rains heavier than a Big Bro’s pants wardrobe, wishing you could be outside and frolicking in the popberry meadows, then Sony has a bunch of bumper discounts available for its European and Australian friends, and Oddworld is joining in their PlayStation Store Easter Sale.

Starting today and all the way until April 30, you can get the Eggboxx- oh, I’m sorry. I mean the Oddboxx for 60% off its usual price.

If you don’t have a calculator or Chronicler within reach, the normal prices of £15.99, €19.99 and AU$29.95 are now reduced to the Slurg-sized £6.49, €7.99 or AU$11.75.

And if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you even get an extra 10% off for your loyalty!

So check out the Oddboxx now on the PlayStation Store!

By the way, if you didn’t know, the Oddboxx is our compilation of the first four Oddworld games:




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