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Lorne Lanning Talks About "Stranger Arena"

Cancelled project would have been a multiplayer action game.

Stranger’s Wrath Mobile might be just around the corner, but there was another Stranger game in the works some years ago, which Oddworld Inhabitants’ Lorne Lanning has detailed in a recent interview, explaining that a prototype was built directly after Stranger’s Wrath launched on the original Xbox back in 2005.

“We had it running, Stranger Arena,” Lanning said to Eurogamer. “You were using Stranger mechanics, but you were going head to head with other Strangers. You were doing multiplayer platforming and first-person shooting. So the dynamics of Stranger’s Wrath in arenas, head to head. I have to say, we were really excited about this.”

Stranger’s Wrath HD is out now on PS3 and PS Vita, and will be heading to mobile devices soon.

“One of the reasons we built the Strangers mechanics this way was because in third-person I could run much faster,” said Lorne, explaining that the game would allow players to switch between first and third person controls. “I had a melee ability. I couldn’t shoot [in third-person], but I could run. So if I chose not to shoot, and I chose to be in third-person, I could run and outmaneuver them. You had evasion capabilities. That’s what you didn’t have in most of these head to head games.”

Lorne goes on to say that the game would have involved lots of strategy normally unseen in the genre.

“I was looking for more strategy in how I want to play the character. Like if I’m dealing with people who are obviously tougher than me, then I want to be more clever. I don’t want to be losing just because they’re faster on the draw,” said Lorne.

“You’re not going to beat them by being clever,” he adds, talking about the majority of first person shooters out now. “You’re going to beat them by playing as many hours as they do. What I wanted to do was do what they do in RTS games.”

Sadly, Stranger Arena was cancelled, with the next Stranger game being the PS3 and PS Vita versions, which are available now.




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