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Dear Alf 75 - Graffiti and Good Guys

Alf crawls out of his egghunt hiding spot to answer more of YOUR fan questions!

If you’re still on the prowl for more Oddworld informations even after we’ve told you the price to Cross Buy Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty across PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VITA, then there are worse places you could have crawled upon!

Welcome to Alf’s Rehab & Tea, where Alf is always eager to answer a small number of YOUR questions, almost every single week!

Jake And what is with all races in Oddworld having queens?? as in not Monarchy but Biology?? Only takes one mishap and it’s all over for Muds/sligs/gluks/slogs/whatever else has a queen

Well it ain’t all the races, but yeah there’s a bunch of us take that tactic. It’s a pretty good one! I mean why leave everybody to fend for themselves when everyone can just pitch in towards the survival of the mommas? With hundreds or thousands of children protecting you, that would have to be one mishap big enough to destroy any population anyway. It’s not like there only one queen per species, y’know! Yeep, ya think we’re new to this?

Lee Question for Alf or Crig the Slig, I’ve seen graffiti on some of the walls of RuptureFarms and Soulstrom Brewery. Who has doing all of it?

Don’t tell the brass, but we sometimes get away with it. You’re stuck in a boring job all day, you come across a bottle of fizzy paint, the nearest wall starts lookin’ more ‘n’ more like a canvas for whatever creativity ain’t been beat outta ya. Who cares that someone you care about could be the schmuck that’s gotta clean up after you? A chance like that ain’t every day. And no, it ain’t Sligs. Sligs don’t have a creative cell in their body.

BAR is abe a Good guy or a bad guy? Is Abe really a terrorist, like in a bad way, Alf?

Good guy, dingus. He’s fighting for the freedom of oppressed people across a whole planet. Just because some cockroaches in top hats might lose their diamond-encrusted carriages to the revolution, doesn’t mean you get to buy into their mainstream media agenda-shoving impropaganda.

Taylor Dose Abe have a bounty on his head? Cause yanno he’s considered a terrorist in Glukkon eyes. Do bounty hunters come after Abe or dose Crig try to capture Abe and turn him in?

Whoever drags Abe to the Magog Cartel, ideally kickin’ and screamin’, is getting the incentivization of their career – presuming they don’t learn too much of the wrong kinda thing along their journey.

SwirlyShy I’m not sure if anyone (or me) has ever asked you this, but are you left-handed or right-handed?

Oh ye of the false-tastic dichotomy! Stuffs don’t gotta be so one way or the other way only! I’ll have you know I am equally fluent with both hands at all skilled and unskilled tasks and challenges! I believe the word for that is ‘ambidexcellent’.

Now that I’ve rocked your Oddworld with my shocking revelations and weighty learnings, you have to learn how to satisfy your insatiable hunger for more! Step one is learning to budget… because one Dear Alf a week is all you’re budgeted for.

But don’t budget your questions! Keep them flooding in thick and fast, in the comments below or using the hashtag #DearAlf on Facebook or Twitter. See you next week for more Truth ‘n’ Tea!

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