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Dear Alf 74 - Weird and wonderful wildlife

Alf answers your question about the not-so-cute and not-entirely-cuddly wild animals of Oddworld.

I like Elums, but they’re not the only critters trying to eke out an existence in the untamed wilds of Oddworld. Plus I don’t get many questions about Elums, so I’m gonna expand the topic boundaries of this week’s Dear Alf and see what you intrepid questioneers have been wondering about our wonderful wildlife.

Scearas what do baby scrabs and paramites look like? are they mini adults, or are they different looking?

Y’know, I never did get close to baby Scrabs or Paramites. Something about their always put me off. You’d never catch me going near their nests at the best of times, but when there are cranky, protective parents on the patrol, yeah, nah, count me out. All I’m gonna say for certain is NEVER BLOW ON A PARAMITE COCOON.

Mr.Pottymouth Do Fuzzles require veterinary dental care the way our dogs do or does their species have tooth enamel that makes ours look about as protective as a molar covered in donut glaze?

Fuzzles are wild animals and the natural world doesn’t really have dentists. Sure some birds will pick bits out of large creatures’ mouths, but even they’re not foolish enough to go in a Fuzzle’s mouth. So if you do have a put Fuzzle, don’t go flossing its teeth… One mild startle and you’ll be missing more than just a finger!

Hell_RaZr #DearAlf Hey Alf Is Abe And The Rest of You Have Pet Scrabs And Paramites also Are You Friends With Some Glukkons. <3 you Alf.

No! You do not keep Scrabs and Paramites as pets! If you’re really, really, extraoddinarily brave and calm and talented and wise and patient and lucky, you can “tame” them. It ain’t do with domestics, it’s more like coming to an agreement that benefits everybody. Friends with Glukkons? Are you kidding me? Would YOU sit and chat merrily with your genocidal oppressors? Ya gotta be off yur rocker, mister. <3 you too.

Nobody Hey Alf, I have a question for you! How do you think you or any other Mudokon would react if a Scrab just kind of walked into the village, and just sat there and did nothing agressive? I know it would be impossible, but maybe it has some brain condition or something and it got just so confused it didnt know what to do anymore.

Same thing we’d do any dangerous creature came to us, weirdly calm or otherwise: try and catch it safely and either release it back into the wild or keep it to use. Maybe the frosty hermit that lives in the forest wants to commune with it, see if it’s bringing a message. Or maybe our berries stocks are getting low and we could use the extra food. Depends how the ecology is goin’, y’know? The call has to made by a sagely Mud, and with all these newly slaves bumping about, there’s a big need to relearn all the old wisdom.

Alex Martin Dear Alf what did meeches eat

Pretty much anything that crosses their path is gonna get gnawed to the bone in seconds, but mostly Elums. It used to be one of the spectacular sights of Mudos, watching a swarm of Meeches take on a herd of Elums. I mean, so I’ve been told. Guess I’ll never know.

Don’t stop sending questions Alf’s way to have your personal, customized answers published in any one of the future Dear ALf columns. Add your ponderances, your quandaries and your thinks in the comments below or use the hashtag #DearAlf on Facebook or Twitter.

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