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Fan Art 31 - Unrelenting Narsligist

I really wasn't gonna do this, but my hands are tied. Here's more of your Fan Art... as picked by Crig the Slig. What a narsligist.

I wasn’t going to, but my hand’s kinda been forced here. Okay, okay, you’ll getcha stinkin’ Slig Fan Art! It ain’t all Mudlovers and Scrabictionados in this Rehab. Seems like somebody wants grand proof. Well look no further, ya narsligist!

Hey ho, teariffic Oddwatchers, here’s Crig’s favorite Slig Fan Art from you guys out there who apparently thought all Sligs needed was a hug and bit of encouragement. Yeah right, like those gun-toting freaks need a confidence boost. Ow, not the face, Crig!

Take a look back at our Fan Art archives for earlier submissions, and if crafting your take on the Oddworld universe is the sort of thing that keeps you busy, we’d love to see it.

It can be anything – we’ve had drawings, paintings, models, murals, tattoos, costumes and even balloons!

How to submit:

Fancy a dive off the Fart Art board? Donate your creations to Alf using the handy-dandy #OddworldFanArt hashtag on either Oddworld Facebook or Twitter.

We’ll be making our way through the submissions each Tuesday, showcasing them in all their glory, so make sure we’ve got a full supply to keep us going week after week.

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