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It's Time To Vote: Did Your Trophy Ideas Make The Shortlist?

Vote for your favorite Trophy names in New 'n' Tasty!

Last week, we asked you guys to send on over your ideas for the names of five PlayStation Trophies. We could have named them ourselves, but where’s the fun in that for you guys? (Nowhere!)  We expected a few, maybe even a bunch… but oh my Oddness, did you guys submit! We had hundreds upon hundreds of emails — our Gabbits have been eye-high in emails, sifting through them all for the last three nights!

From the thousands of ideas we received, we’ve chopped and sliced and whittled it down to just five names for each Trophy. It was not an easy task. Nope. Not at all. We’d name them each all the names you sent in if we could… but hey, we’ve got rules to follow!

So, firstly, thanks to all y’all who took the time to shoot over their ideas. It was amazing and humbling and greatly appreciated (especially one ‘OddyseeScrabs’ and his particularly comprehensive entry). And secondly, if you didn’t make the cut rest in the knowledge that you probably made us laugh pretty dang hard!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.

*Drumroll please*

We need every single one of you Inhabitants to vote. Remember: these are the Trophies that you’ll be playing for in the game! You get one vote for each Trophy, so use it wisely. And if your idea is listed there, feel free to vote for it, you lucky slog!

[poll id=”11″]

[poll id=”12″]

[poll id=”13″]

[poll id=”14″]

[poll id=”15″]

You’ve got until next Wednesday to cast your votes – we’ll cut the voting at 11:59 PM EST on the 12th, so make sure you’ve let us know which are your favorites before then.

Merry voting!

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