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Oddworld Valentine's Day Cards

Odd love is true love.

Hi there, beautiful Inhabitants. Down on Earth it’s Valentine’s Day, which we hear is mighty special.

We love our fans. You guys are the best, funniest, Oddest creatures on your planet and we couldn’t do our jobs without you. We wouldn’t even want to! So we made some Valentine’s Day cards in your honor, and in the name of luuuuuv.

So in case you’re having some trouble expressing your ooey-gooey-romancey feelings, whether to a loved one or a secret admirer, here’s some Odd Cards that might be able to state your feelings just a little bit clearer.

And hey… I think that’s a New ‘n’ Tasty picture we haven’t seen before!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Inhabitants! Go have fun and eat so much chocolate that you make your self sick. But you know… not too sick, ok?

Got any better card ideas? I’m sure you wacky folks do. Send them over to us, will ya?! If we get enough, we’ll create another gallery and publish them next week.

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