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Oddworld Reveals New 'n' Tasty's Box Art

Hey, has anyone seen Abe?

Even though Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty will be a digital-download-only title, it didn’t stop Lorne Lanning from designing New ‘n’ Awesome box art for the game (with a special thanks to the original artist, Alex Konstad, with additions by Raymond Swanland)! Okay, maybe it’s not technically box art, but it is our new key imagery for New ‘n’ Tasty.

(And if you somehow forget what this looks like when you go to buy the game, don’t worry: we wrote “New ‘n’ Tasty” across it.)

(We got you covered.)

new n tasty box art

It just radiates with Glukk-tastic Abe-aliciousness. You know what we mean?

And to top it off: starting today, American PlayStation 3 owners will start seeing New ‘n’ Tasty in the PlayStation Store’s “Coming Soon” section, along with the first trailer for the game.*

Let us know what you think of the box art (or if you think you have a better description of it) in the comments!

*”Coming out how soon?” You ask? You’ll know the date when we know the date. If we had pinkies, we’d hook them onto your pinkies and promise.


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