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Munch HD PS3 Patch is Ready To Roll Out

Finally, we're approved and ready to roll.

Munch's Oddysee HD on PS3

Hi everyone, I’m back with another update on the Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD PS3 patch.

Well, it’s good news! It’s passed QA at Sony and is being pushed out via SCEA and SCEE within the next 24 hours. To get the patch simply run the game from your PlayStation and it will update automatically.

Here’s a list of the fixes that are included:

  • Fixed menu movie being blank just after exit
  • Enabled fade for gamespeak UI screens and fixed button images not fading correctly
  • Added fixed sound effects (removed clicking)
  • Added new slate screen image (removed sobe vendo)
  • Fixed potential crash getting renderer when application has already been removed
  • Fixed crash in actor pools (were not getting deleted between levels leading to bad pointers)
  • Added support for tweaking water level (to fix water z-fighting)
  • Added invert look option and UI to change it
  • Added fixed Glukkon model
  • Fixed blank movie when not enough memory for movie player
  • Reduced audio cache size to save memory
  • Pushed near plane on level 2 to stop vendo sign z-fighting
  • Reduced memory fragmentation
  • Fixed save icon not working when all slots are full
  • Fixed save error message
  • Fixed PS Store age check
  • Added save blocking for 3 seconds after getting into a level to prevent corrupt save data
  • Added fix to make sure save games finish saving when exit is selected from the pause menu
  • Fixed low health texture being set in wrong texture slot resulting in wrong texture on landscape
  • Fixed issues with corrupted terrain textures.
  • Fixed “I Regrow Nothing” trophy
  • Fixed “Sligicide” trophy
  • Fixed “Mineswimmer” trophy

I’d like to say thank you for your patience. I sincerely we wish we could have delivered this to you 12 months ago, but various issues have caused this to take much longer than desired.



Munch's Oddysee HD

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  • dryestfiber

    please, make a patch with the italian dubbing or a patch with the subtitles!

  • Ringo1985


    i love this Game, but without the text German translations and subtitles, is it not so funny. It is now five months ago that the update has been released. I would be very happy if it would also appear in Germany

  • faco

    The game in Spain PS3 Store is only available inside the OddBoxx. When it will be available as a separate game? I already have the other games, I only want Munch’s, so I don’t want to pay again for what I already got just for play Munch’s Oddyssey

  • Hartmann

    Hi Oddworld team, comes the next time a patch with German text translations and subtitles for Munchs Oddysse? Thsi would be awsome^^

  • Stijn

    Hey, I think my game still hasn’t updated.
    When I search for updates it says the latest version is installed but when I look at the version it says 1.01 and I still hear the clicking in the sound effects.
    Any idea how I can fix this? I live in Belgium by the way, in case that matters.

    • Alf

      Where did you buy Munch’s Oddysee from? If you bought it, for example, using a US PlayStation account but you’re checking for updates with a European PlayStation account, it won’t recognize any updates because they have different product codes.

  • Joseph Korso

    Ahm, patch is to be awaited for a few days or Sony didn’t replied for the update?
    Couldn’t find the patch for resuming the game a week ago.

    • Alf

      The patch should be out. We’ve spoken with other fans who have it. What region are you in?

      • Joseph Korso

        Hello again Alf. It says here “1.01”. So it is updated?

      • Joseph Korso

        US PSN.
        I’m a plus member, it may have been downloaded, but didn’t find the patch on PS3 HDD, thats why I asked. Thank you for replying anyway. :)

      • Alf

        Hi Joseph. Are you still having trouble with the patch? If you hover over Munch’s Oddysee HD in your list of games and press triangle, what version number does it list off?

  • maxroma91


    Thanks for this update.
    Do you have news for the Italian Language?


  • RoboSensei

    When you say you “fixed” the Mineswimmer trophy, does that mean you can still earn it if Interns trip the landmines at the chase at the end of the level?

  • kennyff92

    Don’t know if you can help but Sony made Munch’s game available only in the OddBoxx, it’s a problem for the ones (like me) that have already all the other games, maybe you can make them put it as a standalone.

    • Alf

      Originally, we were advised by Sony not to make Munch’s Oddysee HD available in certain regions until we had the localized versions. Unfortunately, due to unforseen setbacks on that front, the localization has taken… a little while to say the least. So now Munch’s Oddysee HD, still English-language only, is now available worldwide.

  • Frost

    Any news on the FIGS PS3 Versions yet? The last thing I read was that you were still searching for some missing localization files, so did you find them yet? I would love to finally be able to play the game as well!

    • Alf

      No luck with that yet, so for now we’ve made the English version purchasable from the remaining European PSN Stores it was missing from.

      • gecko92

        I can’t see Munch HD on my Italian PSN either. It’s only present in the Oddboxx.
        Please fix this problem, I want to play Munch HD!!!


      • Alf

        Thanks for the update, gecko92. We’ve informed Sony of the error and we’re eagerly awaiting the fix!

      • Frost

        Again, thank you for your reply, to which I can however not directly reply to for some reason.

        I just checked the German PSN Store again, and I still can’t find Munch outside of the Oddboxx.

        I will keep my eyes open and reply again if it shows up!

      • Alf

        Thanks, Frost. It seems this is also a problem in Italy, France, Austria… so we’re asking Sony what the deal is. :)

      • Frost

        Thank you for the reply! I still can’t seem to find Munch on the German PSN Store though, so is it still only available if you buy the entire Oddboxx? I would rather not do that, as I already own all the other games in it. :-|

      • Alf

        Hi Frost. It will have taken a little while for the changes to roll out across the PlayStation Network. Does Munch’s Oddysee HD now show up in the German PSN Store for you?