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And The Winners Of The New 'n' Tasty Trophy Contest Are...

Did your favourite trophy win? Did you submit it?

In case you’re having a major brain-fart (Abe’s second most notable skill), we asked you guys, our fantastic fans, to name five Trophies that we left open specifically for you. We had literally thousands and thousands of entries. It was painstakingly hard—but hilarious—work, but we somehow managed to whittle it down to just a handful. And then you guys did your voting business this past week—but is now closed! Sorry!

That means: The votes are in—it’s time for the winners announcement!

As we said, this was a tough call for us, and it looks like it was a tough call for you guys too. Some of these were pretty dang close, so we wanted to show you the whole voting breakdown. We got fancy with Paramite pie charts.

Have Abe die in 15 unique ways

“Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?” slid into the numero uno spot with 31% of the votes, closely trailed by “A Glukkon For Punishment”. Nice! It seems like you guys are really looking to find answers for the existential questions of life.

(Winner: Tony Ebdon!)

Kill Sligs in 15 unique ways

Ah, “RuptureFarms: Now Hiring” was the a stand-out of all of the submissions we received (and a firm favorite in the studio). It looks like you all agreed too, with a fairly hefty 41%. Huzzah!

(Winner: Shaun O’Neill!)

Finish the game with the Good Ending faster than our best developer time

“New ‘n’ Hasty”? There wasn’t much of another choice, really, given the brilliant rhyming with New ‘n’ Tasty (you see what they did there?). And while we haven’t announced what the best time might be (we’re still keeping it under wraps) this poll that had the biggest clear winner.

(Winners: Carl Ortiz, Liam Collier and Konstantine Georgiadis!)

Escape from RuptureFarms without Abe being spotted by any Slig

This was close. Really close. But “Escape Fartist” just about beat “Abe Escape”, both of which were pretty funny… as were they all. This was clearly the closest poll overall.

(Winner: “TT”!)

Kill a Boombat with a rock

Boombat? Did we accidentally give away one of New ‘n’ Tasty’s many secrets? Hmm. Regardless, “Rockin’ Mudokon” was the winner here, sitting atop of the Stranger-related puns to claim victory.

(Winner: Craig Mackie!)

Congratulations, winners! And runners-up! And anyone who submitted! And voters! And readers! And that guy at the supermarket who really hates potatoes! This was a great success of a contest, a blast to be a part of, and we couldn’t have done it all with out each and every single one of you wacky Inhabitants. Whether you won a prize or not, you’re all winners… in our hearts.

Stay tuned: you never know what we might be coming next!

Runners-up those who submitted Trophy names that made the top five but weren’t selected as a winners are: Kosta Kondonis, Josh Hill, Jared Hemmings, Brandon Holmes, Gearóid Harrahill, Edin Omeragić & Sara Smojver, J. Thorpe, Jay Winters, Peter Benney, Damien Hallwood, Brandon Boyle, James Ruston, Joshua & Kayleigh Fortt, Frankie, Mel, Rhys Stenhouse, Michael, Daniel Angell, Nathan McBirney, Lukas Mothersole, Brandon Pash, Jacob Sturges, Coolcomment8, Nick Russ, Taylor Hurdle, Jesse Hirmer, Kyle Stewart, Bas, Karl Milner, Samantha Gledhill, Ronaldo Perez, Niall Nulty, Arron Chapman, Mycological, Jason, Alex Hardy, Eoin Marron, Kevin Anderson, Dani Green, Derek Bates, Connell Matthews, Brad Mayson-Cooper, Alexandra Smith, Sam, Chris Hubac, Andres Gonzalez Fernandez, Colin Love, Peter Howe, Peter V, Marcus Sampson and Brandon Garcia.

New ‘n’ Tasty is due out on PlayStation platforms in Spring 2014. We don’t have any further specifics for you, but if you meditate really hard and really long, search within yourself and seek enlightenment… maybe we’ll have announced the date when you’re done.

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