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Oddworld's First Oddsgiving Cookbook

Thanks to you chefs, Oddsgiving was a hit! Now you can learn how to make your own Oddworld delicacies.

Live Paramite (by Kennyff92)

• 1 puffy Paramite (the problem about this key ingredient is that if you kill the Paramite, it will dwindle until it disappears, so you should stun it with Zappflies or trap it with Bolamites.)
• 100g of Chippunk’s bacon (you can catch them by yourself but your ears will be glad if you choose to buy them from the butcher…)
• 400g of honey (you can use a Elum to distract bees while you take the honey.)
• 50g of Bolamite’s web: (you can find some Bolamites at the market in Buzzarton or New Yolk City.)
• 2 bottle of SoulStorm Brew (optional): (since that famous Mudokon named Abe made SoulStorm Brewery explode, it’s hard to. But catch even 1 bottle of it, but if you have this ingredient your Paramite will be delicious.)
• salt and pepper.

IMPORTANT: You can’t be faint of heart because the entire process of stuffing the Paramite has to be made while it is alive (for the same reasons written in the “ingredients” section).
WARNING: During the entire process you have to stun the Paramite with Zappflies (to not hurt it) or, if you’re a sadist, just immobilize it with Bolamites every 10-15 seconds or you’ll
become the food.

1. Cook the Chippunk’s bacon until it becomes crunchy and in the meanwhile, boil some water (or the bottles of SoulStorm Brew, if you have some).

2. When your water/SoulStorm Brew is boiling, pour all the honey in the same pot and after 3 minutes, pour the bolamite’s web too.

3. When this mixture becomes really sticky put the bacon inside, add salt and pepper to taste and leave all on the fire, it should not cool down.

4. Now cut the Paramite (stunned or not) in a half on its chest, empty his body and quickly fills it with the mixture you did, webs and honey will work to make it not to disappear.

5. After that you can cook the Paramite without problems and enjoy this meal with all yourfamily.

It’s a hard recipes but, trust me, you’ll enjoy that!

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